wrought iron holdfast

As my workbench has no tail vise I will be relying heavily on the power of that old L of Iron, the Holdfast. This would also be my first dip into the sea of blacksmithing, so I figured a simple project would be great to cut my teeth on.

I started out with a small piece of 5/8″ square wrought iron gate scrap. Bent it into an L ish shape, then upset the corner as sharply as I could. This turned out to be more difficult than Peter Right made it look on Roys show, but I finally figured it out.



The drawing out of the foot was actually the most difficult part for me, but I finally got there and then worked on a graceful bend.


I was going for some combination between the british and French designed holdfast, but went much more british finally.


Cleaned everything up on the big grindstone and fire blackened again to finish.


All in all a satisfying project. If I had to change anything I would use larger stock and make the reach farther. My mini roubo bench wanted some size appropriate holdfasts, but these were a bit too small. They do hold well after a few dings were put into the shaft, and they help with everything more than I could have hoped!

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