Carving Spoons

The tranquility of our neighbors lovely tree lined drive was thrashed by a vicious ice storm several years ago, leaving one particular black cherry tree deformed and topless. Our neighbor was kind enough to give us this damaged tree before rot sank her icy claws too deeply into the heartwood. An icy day of crosscut sawing and axing left us with a perfect opportunity for some green woodwork, swedish style spoons to be exact. A few quick strokes of my bow saw severed a spoon length chunk from a branch. IMG_1983 The froe then split this chunk in half. The green wood splits a dream! IMG_1987 It was then up to the broad axe to hew and carve the rough profile. IMG_1988Once a rough shape had been achieved, I handed it over to the expert for final carving and finishing. IMG_2986 She generally does 90% of the work with the spoon mule and draw knife, then finishes off with a hand knife and gouge. IMG_2992 After a few weeks drying, some careful sanding, (no one wants a splintery lip!) and a olive oil/beeswax finish, they are ready for the market! IMG_3380

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10 Responses to Carving Spoons

  1. Veralyn Bridges says:

    Beautiful spoon!!! We miss ya’ll.


  2. mrchickadee says:

    Thank you, we miss you guys too!


  3. You make functional as well as pretty spoons!


  4. is it OK with you to share your blog on facebook and google?


  5. Kamaar T says:

    Little late to the post, but the spoon mule is awesome. Do you have any plans for it’s construction?


  6. Adam Peterson says:

    Have seen some of your you tube videos. You do fabulous work! A few questions: Where in the world did your wife learn about a spoon mule? The only green woodworker I know of who uses one
    is Jared Stonedahl. Also, why dont you use a self polymerizing oil like flax or tongue?
    You are a talented couple for sure! keep on inspiring.


    • mrchickadee says:

      Thank you! I saw one on some spoon carving video on youtube, and shamelessly copied the design. We try and use an oil which is food safe, and what someone would use on a kitchen tool.


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