Oak Mallet

Some of our Red oak firewood just looked too good to burn this year. And with winters chill long behind us (we hope) I rescued a gorgeous wedge or two for a much needed Carpenters mallet. IMG_4055

I started with the broad hatchet, hewing a roughly square billet from the oak wedge, and another for the hickory handle.


I then planed them down to a better fit and finish, the wood had been drying for several months so it was not too wet for the plane.


By marking off relative taper of the handle I would assure the head would stay on without the need for wedges or the like to hold it on.


Next came some boring work, the green oak cut so sweet and smooth, I would not relish this work in full dry oak!


Next came a bit of paring to smooth and square the sides to the angled mortise.


Once a decent fit was achieved, I took off about a 5degree angle from each mallet face with the crosscut saw just to ensure a square landing of my strikes.


Couldn’t quite resist making a few, smaller for bench work, larger for timber framing. I can see a tiny mallet of persimmon would be nice in the future for plane adjusting and the like.

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One Response to Oak Mallet

  1. msjoy1234 says:

    Looks like a good thing to conk someone op the side of the head as well! LOL


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