Shave pony

A few weeks ago my neighbor stopped by  the tent on his ATV and said;

“Josh, if you want them ole’ porches knocked off my dads ole’ house you cn’ have em'”

His kindness landed me a full trailer load of pine and oak lumber, plus some great vintage metal roofing. And one lucky plank of oak found its way into this blog post.

Ive wanted some way to secure a random shaped object to my bench top for drawknife work for some time, and after seeing the shave pony on a Google search decided I had to have one. I started by cleaning up the oak plank. Its always like christmas when the Jack plane tears away the years of abuse and exposes what has been hiding for so long…


I then ripped the plank to provide both sides to the pony.


I then bored a few holes a bit bigger than my hickory dowels. Its important the upper holes are above and to the left of the lower hole. Three holes gives you three height adjust menus for shaving.


A couple of hemlock offcuts received a similar hole, just eyeballed center straight.


Thats about it, a bit of shaping of the top jaw to allow more clearance, and a groove inside to allow clamping of small thin or round pieces helps. The foot pedal is just pegged tightly on the bottom, I didn’t even glue it in.


Its attached to the bench with a simple whack of the holdfast. Easy, quick, and much more comfortable than bending or sitting on a shave horse!


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One Response to Shave pony

  1. msjoy1234 says:

    good idea – a shave pony instead of a shave horse!


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