Tool Tote

I finally decided Id had enough of juggling my beloved tools around in random cardboard boxes from place to place and took a day to make a tool tote.

As with most things these days, everything started with a 100 year old plank of poplar saved from a condemned house down the street. A few passes of the Jack plane brought out its aged beauty and removed all the grime and mud dauber nests.


Roy Underhill is typically cryptic in his description of how to make his tool tote, he states it is about 30 inches long (or the length of your longest tool) about 8 inches wide and the outboard side is splayed at a 3 in 5 angle.


I followed these instructions as best I could, though my tote came out quite different in scale and look….


I was able to use my low angle miter plane to great effect on the edges end grain.


I used a moving fillister plane and just a saw and chisel on the rabbets as the tote is just held together by nails and rabbet joints.


The edge joints are rather hard to understand, I let the outbound wall fall out at that 3 in 5 angle, planed its top and bottom accordingly, but the angle of the side and end walls junction became some odd mystery angle which I just planed to fit by eye, which is perhaps what Roy means when he says it resembles boat building? In any case it was a bit frustrating and rewarding to do finally.


The handle was just a long piece of same poplar with holes bored and trimmed with a chisel into a comfortable grip, then nailed in place.


My tote bottom was also just nailed on like a chest which is a bit different but worked and gave me a bit more depth.


The biggest problem would be this tote has too much room and can easily get too heavy and loaded down by an over eager woodworker.


I found it a worthwhile project and look forward to using it in our upcoming workshop build.


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3 Responses to Tool Tote

  1. Love the tool tote. Sounds like this project was particularly challenging!


  2. msjoy1234 says:

    Very impressive what with all the tools you used to make the tool box etc. Roy Underhill would be proud of you.


  3. msjoy1234 says:

    oops above reply from dad.


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