Wattle and Daub II

Oh what joy is clay! Sticky, gooey, lovely stuff great for so many things, we are blessed with an abundance of this underutilized material here in Eastern KY. Mixed 4 to 1 with a bit of local creek sand, and another batch of straw from my neighbors farm, and we had our daub. This mixture we spread and smoothed onto both sides of our wattled panels, pressing the daub to ooze through and lock front to back. Once dry this daubing compares to concrete in toughness, though it retains some flexibility which endears it to a drying timber building. As the timbers slowly dry over the next decades, or swell with humidity swings thought the year, this daub will move with the timbers, and help to regulate moisture in all parts of the building. The dry clay is a huge moisture sponge, pulling excess humidity from the air, or adding it from outside, in fact somewhat air conditioning your building. It is amazing how cool it is just stepping though the doorway on a hot summers day due to this amazing ability of clay. Conversely in winter this same clay helps keep the building warm by soaking up warmth from a heater inside and the rays of a warm sun as well giving thermal mass to the structure. The straw adds strength as well as a bit of insulation value to the walls.


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2 Responses to Wattle and Daub II

  1. It will be interesting to see if some gaps appear as the timbers dry….


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