Brick floor

For our workshop floor we wanted something durable, easily cleaned, cheap, traditional, and of course, beautiful. Brick saw to our wants more perfectly than we could have hoped in our wildest dreams.

I must say I have never been a fan of concrete. If the smell, complication, price and modernity of this medium were not enough to discourage its use, there is a worry of its sustainability and long term practicality. One transcendent characteristic of long lived foundations around the globe is flexibility, our earth is in constant motion, and this motion does not seem to bode well for cement. How many slab foundations have you seen cracked? Or slab concrete sidewalks, driveways or patios? Most all crack, leak, and deteriorate quite swiftly. Not to mention the price of having a slab poured, as well as the labor and complication of the form work and the actual pour itself.

A traditional brick floor on the other hand, is simplicity and flexibility personified! No forms, no rebar, no ubiquitous gang of heavy booted laborers, and no expensive truck. (the truck alone was a deal breaker for us as we would have needed to spend over 2K in road work to even GET a cement truck to our building site) The brick only wanted a cushy bed of gravel and sand, it flexes gorgeously and can be repaired or even replaced with ease. As we needed around 1K bricks for our masonry heater needs anyway, tacking on a few extra for the floor was no hurt at all.

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9 Responses to Brick floor

  1. eric says:

    Very interesting. Where did you learn about this method? Are you brushing sand into the gaps after laying the floor?

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  2. C.H. McCants says:

    Great work and words. I’ve enjoyed watching the progress and reading some of the philosophical bits behind the projects, etc.

    Is there a home for the homestead? Are you building the workshop as a base of operations before anything else?


  3. Stan Olekas says:

    I love your skills sir. You seem to be a current day Dick Proenoke. I like the work britches that you wear. Where do you get them? Any particular brand? Thanks


  4. Remus says:

    I love the videos. Thank you for sharing your grand adventure with us all. I would beg to differ with you on one point: concrete is not a “modern medium”. It was invented by the Romans two millennia ago.


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