There is a magic…



There is a magic to this work, and a sadness at its completion. The magic begins with a fancy, a passing image of a tiny cabin nestled into a hillside, just enough for two, carved from the surrounding forest. It dances from the mind, not containable, onto a roughly sketched scrap of paper late one night, candle light dancing about across the page, rude shapes and simple math cover corners as the little dream takes shape.

There is a magic as this dream is carved, hewn and sawn from stoic timbers of oak and pine. As cold polished chisels devour fat chips and leave straight bold mortises in their wake. The chorus of a many toothed saw as its rhythm strikes long curls of richly scented pine spiraling to the undergrowth.

There is a magic as the timbers come together, as long oiled tenons slide easily into their rightful mortise, the knock of the mallet and thud as a joint slams home, the permanence of each joint reverberating in your bones.

There is a sadness in its completion, like the ending of a much enjoyed book, when you are rudely thrown back to the cruelness of reality. The fantasy and joy gone too soon, and what of all your favorite characters, best friends and enemies no more…? The moment comes gradually into fruition, you double check your measurements, your wedges, your foundation. The work goes fast, with so much preparation, like a swift sleigh ride down a snowy hill, you slam one mortise home, drive this wedge, shove that timber, insert that joist, then…then…its done…its all together, there beautiful before you, but done, and you want more!

Yes there is a sadness in its completion, but also a joy unmeasured, a satisfaction money cannot buy, and a pride justly earned! For you have given wings to a dream, and so long as there will always be more to build, there will be a magic in every day!



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9 Responses to There is a magic…

  1. bbrewer71 says:

    Your words make beautiful pictures of my thoughts and emotions. Thank you for your videos and thank you for your words.


  2. metaspencer says:

    That’s quite a structure with lots of potential

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  3. msjoy1234 says:

    Yes we all need magic in every day. You and Mrs. Chickadee are a big part of that magic! It’s great to see you writing again. Maybe when you get this built you will be inspired to write a book. I am one proud mama bear!


  4. Thanks for being a doer and not just a talker. Great results that you both can be proud of for the rest of your lives.


  5. C.H. McCants says:

    Welcome words, and brilliantly stated.

    Are those sketched plans still available? I think it would make for a neat reveal.


  6. Mike Jose says:

    I am also a fervent follower and romanticiser of our underappreciated past. Industrialisation brought with it money and speed, but it displaced the love and fastidiousness of the craftsman’s hands. Cast forward nearly a century and I don’t know many informed who could say that the industrialisation of our country benefitted it altogether as well as was promised to us. After all, the industriousness of a person was not measured by the amount of work they accomplished, but what that accomplishment was. Current day spends its time muting the philosopher and shunning the artist in us all. You bring back to all of us what we forgot we had–a curiousity, a passion, and a care for our dreams that they may one day take shape.

    I would also like to inquire further about opportunities you may have had or been offered to teach others in a more educational fashion. I participate in a yearly event hosted by a museum in the midwest doing a small talk on craftsmanship during the mid-1800’s. Firstly, would you ever be interested in participating in such an event, and what would be your terms, if so. Secondly, if there is a more appropriate way to contact you, please feel free to use the email address associated with this comment to get in touch with me.


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