The work continued…

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-19 a las 9.24.01 PM     The work continued into the night. Curly wisps of fragrant shavings arced through the air, pushed forward off the end of my workbench and spiraled down to gather atop the prodigious pile on the floor. The pungent “green” almost herbal scent of poplar sapwood mingled with the thick tannic acid smell of chestnut oak and the slight hint of seasoned cast iron stovetop as the fire cracked and popped.

To my left, rough sawn and sun blackened boards leaned against a purlin. To my right their transformed brethren glistened in tried and true elegance, feint pencil marks for Face side and Reference edge graced the mottled patterns of the swirling wood grain.

Throbbing aches pulsed through sore muscles unaccustomed to this “new” work. This finer work laid for a time to rest at the lonely bench, while the rougher jobs of timber framing and crude joinery devoured my days over the past many months. The heavy lifting and high climbing replaced by the push of the try plane and the swish of the tenon saw. Bold snap lines and fat pencil marks transformed into sharp knife walls and clean bright polished joints.

Stooping to add a handful of wood to the fire, I stopped transfixed by the dancing flickering light as it cast long deep shadows across the timbers. Shock at the memory of the job done last summer, the true enormity of that effort, sweating profusely in the sweltering heat as each joint was meticulously carved. Yes, how grand to be here, warm in winters might, nestled in the womb of my creation, resting worn tendons and sore bones while chasing a line into the night.

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16 Responses to The work continued…

  1. I miss your videos and blog postings.

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  2. Salko Safic says:

    You are by far the best writer I have come across and with like minded interest I enjoy the read even more.


  3. susan gortva says:

    thank you. I mixed together mineral oil and sweet birch oil and arnica oil for my muscle aches and pains. did you ever hear of the back to eden garden? I tried it last year in the shade of my front yard trees. it worked beautifully. much luck and love susan


  4. Josef Helmer says:

    I do like your poetic musings, thank you.
    (PS: and your woodwork, big or small, of course !!)


  5. Tom Angle says:

    Yes it is a huge undertaking to build a house on your own, let alone with hand tools. My hat goes off to your and your wife on the work you have done. I really cannot wait to see the completed work.

    For achy muscles you might want to try Blue Emu. I know they sell it at Rite Aide and it does work really well.


  6. dave keisler says:

    Initially trees provide oxygen..and later if you are lucky.. talented..and maybe appreciative…a shelter ..a home ..but also with the potential for warmth forever in several forms.. in metaphor and otherwise…


  7. Mary Alice Stevens says:

    Love it! What a lot of work. I felt so relieved when you completed, it brought tears to my eyes. The idea of blogging and video taping as you went along – priceless!


  8. bangflop says:

    A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist. ~Louis Nizer (1902–1994)


  9. Mr Home Maker says:

    Your creations give me hope and your writings open a small window into your wonderful mind. Thank you


  10. Terry Gothrup says:

    Since I’ve began watching your videos a couple of years ago, I’ve been enthralled at your craftsmanship. Very few YouTubers have captivated me as your timber framing series. I appreciate your hard work and efforts to make your house and videos. Truly a work of wonder and pride. Please continue and may God bless your household.


  11. scott ingledue says:

    You sir, are a very remarkable man. I pray for you and yours in all that you do. I know that He plans for you. Stay true to your calling. I will patiently wait for your next posting.


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