A Simple thing…

IMG_1658IMG_1660IMG_1672What a simple thing a window, and yet such a joy. A few panes of glass stretched tightly between a web of wood woven by the hand. What small matter to pierce the rough timber hide of our home to let in light and cheer and warmth. To welcome the sun as an honored guest, as a friendly neighbor whose passing you wish to halt a while for chat, to give him a seat, a cup of tea, or a smile.

What a joy to make, these windows, with cherished heart of pine, so carefully saved against the weather, for a rainy day as it were, tucked away under some stack as it dried and through aging became wise and tough, and through planing straight and true. “True of heart” it simply becomes. And with chisel tip, and saws bright edge and augers point, a frame is wrought, strong and square.

What a comfort they bring, these sashes carved from pines trued heart. Bringing warmth and cheer on even a bitter and dreary day into a dark abode. A place to bask and stretch the limbs, yes a spa for cats! What other purpose would we have in mind, than for them a throne to sit, watch the wren with relish and lick a paw?

What a perfect gift they are, this ageless wisdom, this zenith of craft and home design. To add a sash outside, and a shutter within, to trap a bit of air which guards us from the chill or heat, and all by hand, and from our land, no need for the modern industrial construct, the expensive junk of modernity which fails and transports to some landfill, and to do it all with such striking beauty, such purity and grace of form!

We truly have forgotten more than we shall ever know…

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15 Responses to A Simple thing…

  1. waltamb says:

    Very Nicely Done! Thanks for sharing.


  2. woodtic says:

    Nifty bit of writing sir. I enjoy your blog, your craft & lifestyle. Keep it up!


  3. C.H. McCants says:

    Great post: simple and lovely.

    Aside from this blog and the YouTube channel, do you have your own builder’s journal?


  4. Ed Surowiec says:

    Your accomplishments and communication skills are remarkable. A joy to watch and read.


  5. msjoy1234 says:

    great pics! The prose, well, we have come to expct nothing less!


  6. woodtic says:

    Nice piece of writing. It is wonderful that you can express your heart through your work as well as your words.


  7. Phil says:

    Your writing is so engaging and your videos bring calm to the mind. Thank you Sir


  8. ROLLI LOLLO says:

    grande uomo ti seguo mi piaci trasmetti armonia e sicurezza ti scrivo in italiano senza tradurlo perchè spesso il traduttore di google non rende giustizia


  9. bhaldeman says:

    I just recently came across your video’s in You Tube and have joined your blog page I wanted to say thank you very much for the informative, and quite frankly, a historical look at how things used to be done. The skill and craftsmanship are exemplary, I look forward to following your posts and future projects, and as time permits I will attempt to duplicate some. I think the oak mallet and shave pony will be a great trial for a beginner. Additionally, I would like to thank you for your service to our country.


  10. Andrew says:

    Hello Mr. Chicadee, I’ve been enjoying your You Tube videos for quite some time now and am very impressed by you and your family! I am a non-traditional Veteran enrolled at the American College of the Building Arts, in Charleston SC. I’m a Senior specializing in Timber Framing, but am interested in all of the traditional building arts. I have an upcoming class presentation in my Sustainable Masonry class where we cover Rammed Earth, Adobe, Cob and various other sustainable building methods. I’d like to do a presentation on your Wattle and Daub work for my class.
    Additionally, I’m preparing for for my Capstone Project, which is the culmination of what we’ve learned at the school after four years. I plan on building a French Scribed, Hand Hewn, Timber Framed Bent for my project. I don’t have hewing experience, however, and would love advice on tooling, methods, etc. with traditional tools.
    May I use your online Wattle and Daub work for my presentation, and are you available for a conversation?
    All my best, Andrew


    • mrchickadee says:


      Great to see the interest and studies youre doing. Id love to give you any advise and experiences Ive gained having tried most every method of layout and hewing there is in a personal study of efficinecy in hand tool use.

      My number is (606) 743 7559

      I will be free after 8pm eastern this week, leave me a message if I dont catch the phone, we have an answering machine, and Ill get you back.



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