Hello dear reader, and welcome to our blog, our journey, our life. These pages are designed to document explain and share our voyage into the realm of self-sufficient homesteading on the side of an Appalachian mountain.

Its rather difficult to surmise ones entire adult dream into a few lines, but try I shall… Mr. Chickadee is really a symbol, a seed planted somewhere deep in my past with tiny gold trimmed Beatrix Potter books read to me by my mother. Stories where the rabbits wore elegant clothing and avoided Mr. McGregor’s wrath while raping his carrot patch. A hunger for a simpler, more pastoral, natural lifestyle has matured into an idea, a plan for a life made with ones own hands. So now, after years of scraping, saving, researching and dreaming, we are ready to set sail!

Through my researching I have found much great information on the Web, but often wished to have some topics covered more thoroughly or at all. In these times I decided others might benefit (and even enjoy) from our documentation, and so we invite you to follow along, to learn, or just watch and homestead with us from your couches or desks.



113 Responses to About

  1. Ruud says:

    I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for sharing and all the best to you!



  2. Roman says:

    It’s very peaceful and informative to watch closely what you are doing. I bought my piece of land in canada and i am dreaming a dream that doesn’t seem to be much different to your’s. Thank you so much.
    One manfrom switzerland


  3. Keivn F. says:

    Hello Mr.C,

    Love watching your videos, lots of inspiration. I am also a friend of Jay C. and he told me to get in contact with you. Do you have a personal e mail address? Wanted to chat about Video production for youtube.


  4. Curtis J. Smith MSLT says:

    Your work has been a welcome respite in an ever clamorous world. I admire your quite resolve.

    Clearly, you are an inspired craftsman. Perhaps some scaffolding will facilitate your high work and get you off that precarious ladder work….just as easy to throw up a quick scaffold and plank as a ladder; speaking as a welder packing a bucket of tools, grinders and arduous welding leads…. We need you around with all your inspired talents with all your limbs intact.


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